Savvi Future of Fun

Savvi: The Future of Fun!

Savvi is today’s premier US manufacturer of printed novelty products. Our products are sold worldwide and are available in all major retail stores across North America. In addition to being the world’s largest manufacturer of temporary tattoos, Savvi also produces a wide variety of craft and children’s activity products.

You can now buy select Savvi products online!

Quality Products

Quality Products - Made in the USA

All Savvi products are produced in Tucson, Arizona USA. We uphold the highest standards for quality and safety, meeting and exceeding all regulatory standards. We are constantly striving to create new, innovative and exciting products with excellent customer satisfaction and high-perceived retail value.

Retail Partners' Logos

Retail Partners

Savvi is proudly doing business with all major retailers in North America. In addition, Savvi sells worldwide including many international distributors.