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Our Mission

Our mission is to engage people of all ages through our products, to be creative, to be learning, to be interactive with others, and most importantly,

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TM International

At TM International, we have been manufacturing temporary tattoos in the USA since 1989. We print over 7 million temporary tattoos daily and 8 million paint books per year. Nearly all TMI products are designed, manufactured and distributed from Tucson, Arizona. We have four main corporate divisions: Tattoo Sales (our custom division), SAVVi (our retail division), and Vending Supply (our vending division).

SAVVi, the retail division of TMI, is today’s premier U.S. manufacturer of printed novelty products for the retail market. SAVVi’s products are available in all major retail stores across North America and in many markets around the world. In addition to being the world’s largest retail manufacturer of temporary tattoos, SAVVi also produces a wide variety of craft and children’s activity items.

SAVVi products are available through unique and varied channels of distribution, including Mass, Craft, Toy, Food & Drug, Convenience, Health & Beauty, Seasonal and Specialty.

Tony Bazan, CEO of TM International, a manufacturer & distributor of temporary tattoos.

Tony, CEO

Our Values

Our core VALUES strive to distinguish ourselves from the ordinary, set our sights high and achieve what has never been done before. Accordingly, our value statement is built on DREAMS:


We are committed to continuous learning and growth. We apply these ideals to grow our organization into a leading, consumer-products-lifestyle company. We will work to develop and enhance our employees. We will also strive to improve the minds and imaginations of our consumers and their life experiences.


We understand that our people are what make us unique and successful. We foster teamwork, camaraderie, and harmonious relationships among our employees, and we will continue to cultivate the relationships we have with our customers and consumers, realizing that they come to us by choice.


We are committed to superior performance, getting things done right the first time, and meeting and exceeding customer and shareholder expectations. We will work towards continuous improvement and innovation in our ongoing quest to be one of the best in the industry.


We understand that you cannot achieve great things without the drive to succeed and a love for what you do. Consequently, we stress the importance of personal leadership, professional growth and entrepreneurship. We will always strive to be leaders in our field.


We will capitalize on a diversified-growth strategy, create a global reach and drive our entrepreneurial spirit to help maximize value and return for all of our shareholders, who include our investors, employees, customers and consumers.


Not only do we stress exceptional service to our clients and customers, but we also strive to enrich as many lives as we can through our dedication to community service and outreach.

Our Culture

Our CULTURE is one that is vertically driven but horizontally practiced.

  • Respect and total business involvement and ownership on all levels.
  • Consistent, polite, professional and respected leadership.
  • Valued employee input, believed-in employee value, practiced employee safety, expected top quality of employee job performance, and expected highly efficient employee job performance.
  • Top-quality products developed, produced or purchased, received, warehoused and delivered with care and pride.
  • Highest quality of employee training and education providing top knowledge and service for our customers.
  • Implementation of Lean Operations, 5S and Six Sigma principals driving cleanliness, quality, cost control and continuous improvement across the business.

Quality Products – Made in the USA
Our manufacturing facility is located in Tucson, Arizona, where many of our products are proudly made in the USA. We uphold the highest standards for quality and safety, exceeding all regulatory standards. We strive to create new, innovative and exciting products with excellent customer satisfaction and high-perceived retail value.

Our Divisions