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The Glitterific crafting tool inspires creativity & imaginative play without a mess

Glitterific Product Wand

No Mess.

Children love glitter and parents hate the mess! SAVVi’s new Glitterific crafting tool allows children to play with glitter while keeping parents happy by not leaving the sparkles behind. Glitterific is a glitter dispensing and vacuum wand. Use the wand to vacuum unused glitter back into the glitter cartridge.

Using Glitterific

Glitterific Product Wand

Using the Glitterific Wand.

To activate the Glitterific crafting tool, customers push the button closest to end of the wand to dispense glitter. Glitter can be applied to SAVVi stencils to create fun, clean and Glitterific designs. Once glitter is dispensed over the stencil decal, customers simply push the button closest to the handle to suck up the excess glitter with the vacuum. Apply the glitter sealer to hold the glitter in place.

Glitterific accessory kits

Additional kits will also be available with appliques, and glitter refill packs.